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Toddler Activity - Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

Christine O'Neill
07 Feb 2021

We’re deep into hot chocolate season, so I’m sure you have a packet of instant hot chocolate or plain cocoa powder somewhere in your cupboard. If you do, it’ll take no time at all to set up this sweet-smelling sensory activity. 

You’ll need some chocolate powder, some mini marshmallows and a tray with sides deep enough to allow your little one to scoop and pour.

Simply spread out the powder in the tray and scatter the marshmallows. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look fancy!

Grap some spoons and scoops, I like to try a variety of sizes! I’ve also added a little tub of water for my daughter to practise pouring and mixing. I also add some extra marshmallows on the side because who wouldn’t love a mini barrel of marshmallows?!


The best part...grab yourself a hot drink! This is usually my chance for a cup of tea while she is engrossed in play!


This type of hands-on sensory play gives little ones the chance to explore new materials, smells and textures, aiding their curiosity! The scooping and pouring of the powder, along with the picking up of the marshmallows benefits gross and fine motor skills respectively. There are lots of things to discuss - “is it soft? Does it smell?” - helping them practise their language skills.


 I have some letters that I like to include in activities like this if you like, you can write ‘chocolate’ on some card. This is a good chance to discuss the letters and what they mean, exploring different sounds.  Add a cup of water and they can explore cause and effect - “what happens if I tip this in here?”


Let us know how your little ones get on (and how long the marshmallows lasted!) by tagging @appycreations and myself (@playwithmillie) on Instagram.


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